About Scenario Vakation

About Scenario Vakation

Our Travel company plans and organizes trips for those travel lovers who love to unravel the unexplored.

It provides 24 x 7 hours services including tour planning, PAN India hotel bookings, itinerary design, flight ticket bookings (both domestic & international). It also provides customized packaged tour for individual families (as per client’s budget and needs) and organizes group tours.

The Kolkata based company has a branch office in Siliguri. We have strong presence in the corporate sector as well as the inbound travel sector. Our company is working with experts who are enriched with an experience of over 15 years in the tourism industry. Our professionally managed travel engine has specialised in providing comfortable as well as adventurous expedition to the hilly areas of Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Dooars and North Bengal, seven sisters of North East and also to the exotic Andaman Islands.

In the course of time, we have gained the faith of the existing clients and hence one can expect cordial behaviour from us and make us their trustworthy travel partner.

About Us
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our prime moto is to ensure utmost customer satisfaction by providing time to time and quality services.

The seekers for the unknown can contact us anytime to ensure best experience in travelling.

We have another mission in our journey. We have previously involved and are involving local people with different cultural activities while organizing the tour packages and will continue doing so. This ensures that the local culture and tradition is preserved and also helps to promote the heritage and history of the place.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We solely respect the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage which should be protected and passed on to the future generation. Hence our involvement of the locals in the tourism sector plays a vital role in preserving the monuments, archaeological and historical sites as well as upgrading museums which are widely open and accessible to tourism visits. This will, in turn, help in improvement of the employment opportunities and hence the economic condition of the locals.

Also, due to their financial condition and their lack of exposure to the outside world, many local artisans have given up their artwork which fossilizes that particular traditional art. We want to involve them in our sector to ensure that, these talented artists can continue to foster their exquisite art-forms (like traditional artworks, different tribal music and dances, etc.) and lead a better life.

This will create a scope of cultural tourism for those who love to learn, discover, experience the tangible and intangible cultural attractions in a tourism destination.

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